Mobi Money

MobiMoney is for use with our MasterCard Debit and Credit cards. The App is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, download the app on your respective app store.

MobiMoney enables cardholders to turn their card off or on, receive instant alerts on their mobile device and limit usage based on location, merchant preferences, transaction type and threshold amounts. Set controls that match your spending habits and exclude high-risk businesses. Monitor account balances, transaction history and receive instant alerts for unauthorized transactions. You can control and monitor your card activity anytime, from anywhere.

MobiMoney enables you to set your own controls and alerts to limit fraud. These can vary for each card registered and can be changed by you under the “control preferences” and “alert preferences” tab.

The Card On/Off control allows you to quickly disable or enable the card as a whole. With the card off, it will deny all transactions except recurring ones until the card is turned back on. So, if you misplaced your card over the weekend, you can quickly turn to your mobile device and simply turn off the card to deny activity as it may possibly ends up in someone else’s hand. Then if you find it in your coat pocket, simply turn to your mobile device to turn the card back on.

The sub-controls allow you to set limits based on transactions you may not often participate in and further protect your card.

You can request a balance in real-time, note you may need to refresh the app to refresh the balance amount.

To sign up, simply download the app. Once the download is complete, tap the MobiMoney app icon on your device. You will be asked to enter specific secure components to identify you and your card. Then you will select a User ID, password and enter your email address, all set to go.

You can pick specific settings in Transaction Type controls to limit your card activity. For example, if you turn on or off specific types of transactions, such as Mail/Phone transactions, any transaction attempting under this classification will be denied. You will receive a notification to your mobile device saying so and then “tap to see more details” to see why MobiMoney denied or alerted you.

Here are videos with more information and help to get you started:


How to Add a New Card

Turn Your Card On or Off

Location Controls

Spending Controls


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