My Virtual Strongbox

Vermillion FCU now offers My Virtual Strongbox, a service to securely store and share your documents electronically, all within your online banking portal. The service is free of charge with the option to purchase additional storage space if you desire. Here's how it works:

Storing Documents

1. First you need to log in to your online banking, then navigate to 'My Documents' along the top of the screen and select the option for My Virtual Strongbox.

2. Once you are in your strongbox you have the option to add single files, create folders for related documents, and sort them according to their type.

3. To add a single file you need to click the plus icon on the top of the screen. This will allow you to either drag a file onto the screen, or navigate to where the file is saved on your computer.

To create a folder, select the folder icon next to the plus icon. To save files in the folder simply enter the folder and then press the plus icon to add a file.

4. Here is a look at a Strongbox that has files and folders added. From here you have the option to access them, share them, or delete them. If you are to delete a file it will be sent to a Recycle Bin. Anything stored in your Recycle Bin will still count towards your storage space, so be sure to delete it entirely from the bin if you are done with the document and need more space.

Sharing Documents

1. If you are seeking to share a sensitive document electronically it is wise to avoid sending it as an email attachment. Email is susceptible to being compromised for a number of reasons. We suggest using My Virtual Strongbox to securely share your sensitive documents. If you wish to securely share these documents with a third party, you must first select the file or folder that you seek to share and then press the share button (circled in red).

2. You have a few different sharing options giving varying levels of additional security:

  • Share Options: You can make the share a one-time access, or leave it open to be accessed multiple times.
  • Expiration Date: You are able to set a date for the share to expire.
  • Pin Code: Create a pin code so that if the file share were to be intercepted there is an additional layer of security. Share this code with your recipient by a separate means of communication so that no one else will know what it is.

Once you reach your desired settings, select 'Create'

3. Your file share is now active. In the new box under 'Current External Shares' you have the following options:

  • Email: If you have an email client installed on your computer (such as Outlook) this will automatically create an email with the file share link.
  • Get a Link: This option will give you the file share link for you to copy and share with your recipient.
  • Delete: If your recipient has downloaded the file you are able to deactivate the file share so that no one else will be able to access it later.

  • 4. After creating your file share you are able to go back to your documents and see any current shares (circled in red). If you click on this you will be taken back to the above screen where you can see how many downloads the file has, retrieve the share link again, or delete the file share if necessary.

Receiving Documents

Finally, you also have the ability to receive documents securely from a third party if you share a folder. Below you will see a slightly different settings screen when sharing a folder, with these new share options:

  • Download: As before, the recipient can download your files.
  • Upload: The recipient will have no access to your files, but can upload files to your strong box securely.
  • Download/Upload: Your recipient will be able to both access your documents and upload their own. This is a convenient way to securely share a document that you need to have signed by someone at a distance.

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